Looking to “spruce” up your porch this holiday season? Create a beautiful and inviting entry way that will make your guests want to snap insta-worthy pictures before coming inside!

Looking to “spruce” up your porch this holiday season? Create a beautiful and inviting entry way that will make your guests want to snap insta-worthy pictures before coming inside!

Here are 5 festive ways to decorate your porch for the holidays.


Wrap your door. There are a few ways to make your home look like the perfect present. Try your hand at giftwrapping your front door with wrapping paper. If that’s too much for your vibe, consider a big ribbon with a Christmas bow. Kick up the present theme with a gift tag too!


Be generous with greens. Wrap columns in garlands and introduce evergreen wreaths for a classic holiday look.


Buffalo plaid accents. Add a pop of vibrant colour to your porch by including buffalo plaid accents. A few outdoor throw pillows strategically placed on all season furniture will punch up your patio. These red accents will really pop against natural, evergreen décor.


Make small spaces pop. A statement wreath and a few accents are a great way to make small spaces feel welcoming. Transition your summer lanterns to winter by filling them with Christmas ornaments.


Add some lights. The addition of white string lights add sparkle to your porch. Bonus points to these lights for letting your décor be seen at night!

There are so many ways to make your home festive for the holidays. Share your tips on holiday décor in Plant Chat!


T’is the season for gift giving and merriment!

If you’ve got some plant lovers on your list, we’ve got you covered. From handmade to store-bought, this list has gifts for plant parents of all skill levels that will knock their ‘stalks’ off.

Let’s get gifting! 


Aerogarden. For the table-top gardener. Aerogarden offers a variety of sizes that suit every veggie lover’s needs.


Aerogarden Herb Seed Pods. Give the gift that literally keeps giving. Aerogarden herb seed pods make growing herbs a snap.


Watering straws. All the rage for the plant parents with needy plants. If you don’t want to shell out for a store-bought model? Try making one of your own.


Hand painted planters. Plant lovers always need more pots. Try your hand at decorating customized pots for the plant parent in your life.


Props of your fave plants. From one plant lover to another, sharing propagations can be meaningful and a long lasting, thoughtful gift.


Plant food. All plant parents know they must feed their plants. Whether it’s a water soluble or liquid variety, plant lovers will be appreciative of being able to prevent hangry housemates. Bonus points because this gift is perfect for plant lovers of all skill levels.


Customized birth month flower pot. Whether it’s an arrangement or customized flowerpot, this is a sure-fire win for your astrology obsessed plant parents.


Hand made wreath of evergreens from your home. DIY a gorgeous boho-inspired wreath using green materials from your own backyard and garden.


Mushroom growing kit. Mushrooms are on trend right now. Mushroom growing kits are a great gift for the DIY plant obsessed.

We love these holiday gifts that seamlessly compliments the plant lover of your network. We hope these gifts inspire a green thumb and holiday cheer!


Autumn is in the air. This means it’s time to switch up your seasonal décor! Not ready for a full switch to winter holiday décor? We’ve got tips to help you swap your summery porch vibe for a more festive fall space

Here are 4 tips to get you started. 


Refresh your flowers. Summer blooms have come and gone, but fall florals can make an impact. Consider a selection of chrysanthemums, violas, or pansies.


Nothing says fall like pumpkins. Whether they’re placed symmetrically or stacked on stairs, the addition of pumpkins will make your entry-way look picture perfect. Try out white, pastel, or the classic orange for added drama.


Hay isn’t just for horses. Hay can be a versatile way to showcase your front door. Add hay bales of different sizes to create levels to show off your mums, pumpkins or other fall faves.


Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. A new season means a new wreath! Experiment with different textures and colours to add that finishing touch to your front door. Pro tip: be sure to measure the width of the door so you don’t overpower the space with too large of a wreath.


Design websites and magazines make dreamy backyards look easy, but tackling them on their own can be a different story. We want your green lawn to be the envy of others, proving isn’t always greener in someone else’s yard (unless of course, they garden with Scotts.) 

Regardless of your backyard size, you CAN create your own peaceful and beautiful garden oasis, and we are here to help. If you are already happy with your outdoor area but wish to spruce it up, we have ideas for that, too. 

Here are some tips to create your garden oasis that we give two green thumbs up! 


Assess the garden 

Consider the following factors: a) what kind of sunlight does your backyard get b) do some areas get more sunshine that others c) at what times of the day do these areas get light d) what use will your garden have. Someone looking to grow vegetables will have different needs than a parent wanting space for family outdoor play. As will the person looking to make a backyard oasis for evening patio cocktails. 


Lawn SOS & TLC 

Just like how the epidermis is a human’s biggest organ, the largest living and vital part of your garden is the lawn. Revive spots where needed and feed and water them adequately. And break the rules about your backyard keeping a rectangular shape. Create smaller gardens with a walking path, shaping them as circular or asymmetrical. 


Visual interest 

A design 101 DIY trick is to create a focal point in your garden. This could be a bird bath, dramatic garden basket to pergola. Work with that area to make it really stand out.  


Inspect your plants first 

There’s no rulebook for plant swapping but if there was, number one would be to ensure your plants are healthy and pest free. Blights, bacteria and the like can spread to other plants quickly, so do the right thing. You don’t want to be responsible for the deforestation of someone’s cherished mini rainforest.



Plant small trees, bushes and shrubs for your private, beautiful oasis. Large planters work well, too, and experiment with multiple levels for visual interest. Choose greenery and flowers that draw the eye in and are really pleasing to you. 



It is no wonder that Zen-inspired garden furniture has become a mainstay. Woods, stones and natural colours create that tranquil oasis vibe. Loungers, chairs and patio couches work well in a layered or staggered arrangement for interest and a natural setting, or in a welcoming circular arrangement, whatever looks best to you. 


Patio stones 

Stones, gravel, pebbles and wood flooring add visual interest as well as create a separate space from the rest of your yard. Natural elements are also an excellent way to add an oasis-like quality to the work. 

have an idea?

Vertical gardening allows you to use more surfaces to grow, from walls, fences, and exterior barriers. There is no limit to what you can grow, from vegetables, berries, perennials and more. 

Not only are vertical gardens budget-friendly, they can get your creative juices flowing. You can decorate whatever outdoor space you have, from backyard to balcony. 

Even if you are just foraying into the fabulous world of vertical gardening, there are plenty of easy projects to get you started. 

Whether you are an urban-dweller living in a smaller space or you’re just plant-head with plenty of pots, vertical gardening is an appealing choice for a number of reasons: 

• Don’t use up much space nor do they require it 

• They are fairly low-maintenance 

• Improve health and wellness  

• May act as a living wall or natural 

• They are attractive and affordable 

statement pieces 

A wooden ladder is a space-friendly and pretty way of growing and showcasing plants as a tiered, vertical display. Or if you’re a bit more handy, build a vertical planter wall using a wooden pallet.

climbing vines 

Greens that climb and sprawl like ivy are great for covering less attractive walls or can also increase privacy. Other popular and pretty climbers are clematis, honeysuckle, and jasmine (not to mention pleasingly fragrant, too.)

hanging or wall planters 

Using hooks, a pergola or a ceiling of terrace, hanging planters will allow plants to grow and sprawl vertically. Other ideas include wall planters or the ever-popular hanging baskets. For an eco- and budget-conscious vertical garden idea, use plastic bottles filled with flora and hung. Or DIY a trellis with cut wire.


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