the health benefits of gardening

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Both anecdotal and scientific evidence proves being outside in garden-fresh air has an enormously positive effect on our overall wellness. During the pandemic, being stuck at home impacted many people’s physical and mental health. Gardening saw a surge in popularity, with people who’d never picked up a spade getting outside to plant their own vegetable gardens and growing flowers. 

As people we are genetically-programmed to spend time outside; however demands of our modern lives do not always make this possible. The tranquility of being surrounded by gardens shows to chemically reduce stress levels – simply spend time outdoors and you feel peace and calm. Keeping your mind focused and hands occupied with gardening puts you in a headspace that allows you to forget your worries. The act of planting is a hopeful one, as you grow new life, beautiful surroundings, and build a future from the soil.  

Gardening & Body Chemistry  

The sunshine vitamin, D, as well as the higher oxygen levels in green spaces also has many science-backed wellness benefits, including elevating self-esteem and mood and lowering stress and irritability. Getting outside gardening is an optimal way to get Vitamin D which synthesizes serotonin, our body’s happy chemical. 

Healthy Diet 

When homegrown garden vegetables and fruit are at your fingertips, it is easy to eat well. Apart from the endless wellness benefits of fresh food, pulled fresh from your garden saves more nutrients and the produce tastes better, too. 

Green for Your Grey Matter

While stepping into sunshine and inhaling the fresh scent of cut grass makes us feel better immediately, what may not be so obvious is that plant-filled spaces improve your focus and boost memory. Gardening is a restorative act that can heal the mind and activate areas of the brain that can be dormant otherwise.

Physical Wellness 

Getting out and moving is necessary for our physical health as well as mental. From lifting planters to digging and bending, gardening is a fun and rewarding physical activity. Even if it doesn’t raise your heartbeat like more conventional workouts, you’re still burning far more calories that sitting indoors or in front of a screen. 


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