vertical gardens are reaching new heights

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Vertical gardening allows you to use more surfaces to grow, from walls, fences, and exterior barriers. There is no limit to what you can grow, from vegetables, berries, perennials and more. 

Not only are vertical gardens budget-friendly, they can get your creative juices flowing. You can decorate whatever outdoor space you have, from backyard to balcony. 

Even if you are just foraying into the fabulous world of vertical gardening, there are plenty of easy projects to get you started. 

Whether you are an urban-dweller living in a smaller space or you’re just plant-head with plenty of pots, vertical gardening is an appealing choice for a number of reasons: 

• Don’t use up much space nor do they require it 

• They are fairly low-maintenance 

• Improve health and wellness  

• May act as a living wall or natural 

• They are attractive and affordable 

statement pieces 

A wooden ladder is a space-friendly and pretty way of growing and showcasing plants as a tiered, vertical display. Or if you’re a bit more handy, build a vertical planter wall using a wooden pallet.

climbing vines 

Greens that climb and sprawl like ivy are great for covering less attractive walls or can also increase privacy. Other popular and pretty climbers are clematis, honeysuckle, and jasmine (not to mention pleasingly fragrant, too.)

hanging or wall planters 

Using hooks, a pergola or a ceiling of terrace, hanging planters will allow plants to grow and sprawl vertically. Other ideas include wall planters or the ever-popular hanging baskets. For an eco- and budget-conscious vertical garden idea, use plastic bottles filled with flora and hung. Or DIY a trellis with cut wire.


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