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Saving time and money while giving your garden the best chance to flourish is not impossible. An easy solution is also a natural one and the best way to feed your plants. It’s mulch! Nothing says Spring is near quite like a freshly mulched yard. Mulch isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s beneficial to your plants and soils. Here are just 6 of the top reasons you should mulch this Spring: 


The superpower of mulch is just how much it helps improve soil moisture and prevents plants from drying out too quickly. 


Mulch helps reduce soil erosion and keeps soil from getting compacted. 


Mulch helps maintain soil temperatures by creating a barrier from the heat and cold. 


Mulch helps increase your soils nutrition. As it decomposes it improves soil structure. It provides better drainage and better use of nutrients. 


Mulch helps reduce weeds that steal nutrients from your plants (and let’s face it, we want less and more flowers!). 


Mulch helps protect shallow-root plants from freeze damage and frost. 

Be mindful of how much you mulch as it can create a layer that doesn’t decompose or allow for root growth. The soil can actually become so compacted water and nutrients can’t get down to the roots. You can avoid this by stripping off as much of the old mulch and adding a fresh layer every year.  Keep your mulch around 3 inches deep, and keep it away from the trunk of trees or shrubs. 

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