AeroGardens: 5x growing speed, 100% delicious

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With food prices skyrocketing, many are turning to growing their own herbs and vegetables. Aerogardens various hydroponic growing systems lets you grow any time of the year. No need to wait for summer to start, now you can grow more of what you love – year round! 

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AeroGarden hydroponics 101

This is no garden-variety form of hydroponics. Here’s an overview to make you a hydroponic gardening guru. 

veggie garden

Popular and easy vegetables to grow in your AeroGarden include lettuce, peppers, celery, and tomatoes. Fresh garden herbs grown right on your kitchen countertop also look attractive in AeroGarden systems.  

variety of models

  • Aerogarden capacities are measured in pods, meaning the ability to grown greens.
  • Countertop Aerogardens range from 2 to 9 pods and offer different growing heights as well as space saving options. 
  • WiFi and non-WiFi Aerogarden versions are available. 

5X growth speed

Plants grow five times more quickly in the Aerogarden than they do in soil. As a result, we recommend you not pack your Aerogarden holes with seeds, alternating holes instead, due to the robust seed growth. 

clean green machine

Keeping your Aerogarden clean by giving it a weekly wipe down and free of spilled plant food. , When you first get your new hydroponic gardening system, fully wash it so your seed babies have an optimal nursery to grow and thrive in to produce the best bounty. 

water, lights, action

Ensure the growing lights above your Aerogarden are 4- to 6-inches above the plants. As your plants begin to grow to different heights, base this measurement on the tallest plant. Lights can burn tender leaves if they are too close. 

It is fine to use tap water for your plants. If the water is on the harder side, purified or distilled water is better. 

Finally, take action and prune those plants. This is especially important because Aerogardens grow and consume space quickly. 

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