the science behind indoor plants & your health

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Having plants in your home is proven to reduce stress levels, increase oxygen and enhance your overall wellness. 

As we learned in science class, plants release oxygen and “breathe” carbon dioxide, the opposite of humans. Having these oxygen producers as roommates provides us with fresher, cleaner air.  

here are some more wellness tips that will make you fanatical about your botanicals

Anecdotally, we’ve known for some time how our plant pals relieve stress, but now scientific research proves buds really are our buddies, showing having them around is connected to reduced cortisol (stress hormone), lowered blood pressure and a better mood. 

strategically choose plants for the bedroom 

Orchids aren’t just a romantic exotic flower, they are different from most plants because they emit oxygen. So do succulents, bromeliads, and snake plants, which are not just photogenic. Instagram darlings, they are perfect to have at your bedside. More oxygen means an optimal slumber. 

here comes the sun

Indoor plants can be finicky little fellows who do not do well with direct midday sun when rays are at their strongest. Watch out for leaf burn, spots on leaves, or sudden falling of leaves. Luckily, they can be revived easily. Ensure they are adequately watered, not sitting by a cold draught or heat source, and check out the line of Miracle-Gro® plant foods to bring them back to their vivacious, verdant selves. 

cheap and cheerful

Don’t shell out on expensive paints or furnishings to add life to a dull room when plants literally can add life. Dress up your windowsills with succulents, go for on-trend macrame hangers or adopt the starlet of social media, a fiddle leaf fig. To keep it cost efficient, check out yard sales for pots or DIY some quirky planters. We also have great ideas on plant swapping

tropic like it’s hot 

Put the shower-fresh steamy air of your bathroom to use by adding plants that thrive in warm, wet conditions, for example air plants or ferns. Bonus if your bathroom, or even a sunroom, gets super hot, which is great for palms, cacti and most succulents. 


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