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So you want to be a plant person. Whether your inspo is from Instagram, magazines or TikTok’s addictive content, here’s your beginners guide to nurturing your green thumb.  


Who doesn’t love low maintenance. Some succulents and ferns are good options to start with because they are inexpensive to replace and resilient. Most plants will perk up and adjust to the amount of light they get in the first few weeks, but read the plant tag or description to give it a good spot. Check out our plant tags to get a full picture of what your plant needs. Some good options to start with are: African Violets, Jade plant, Rabbit’s Foot Fern or even a Rubber Tree. They may seem exotic but they are a beginners best friend. 


Watering Habits. It can be hard to know how much water each plant needs. Sometimes it seems either a flood or a drought. Plants generally need less water than we think, so adjust your watering schedule to every 7 – 10 days. Want to water like a pro: Water until it runs out of the bottom of the pot (don’t forget a saucer for overflow!). Then feel how much the pot weighs. Now you an idea of how it should feel when the soil is saturated. When you pick the pot up and it’s feather-light, it’s time to water. 


Feed your plant baby.  If you have a hunch that your plant needs a little boost, try a liquid fertilizer and follow label instructions. Apply Miracle-Gro® Tropical Plant Food in the spring and summer, as most houseplants take it easy with their growth in winter. You can also refresh the soil every few years by topdressing it, or scraping off the top inch or two of soil and adding new potting soil. It’s like a day at the spa for your plants. 

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