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Whether it’s a new botanical you’ve brought home or an old friend, your house plant might be home to unwanted guests. Factors like too much or too little water, light, heat, or fertilizer can cause many plant problems, including pest infestations. There is generally two ways to help your plants when you spot pests.  

non-chemical treatments

Early infestations can be caught and little bugs can be removed by hand, or with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This works well for aphids and mealybugs. Scaley insects may need to be scraped off with your nail. Simply spraying a sturdy plant with water can remove many pests. Be sure to spray all plant surfaces. Spraying water repeatedly helps control spider mites. Spraying the plant with insecticidal soap can often eliminate an infestation in its earliest stage. You may not be aware of an infestation at first. Pests may be hidden or in the egg stage, getting rid of them often takes more than one treatment. If the plant is severely damaged and not valuable, often the best and simplest solution may be to discard the plant as well as its soil and start with a new plant. 

chemical treatments

Before choosing a pesticide, it is important to know exactly what pest you’re trying to get rid of. A single pesticide will not kill all kinds of pests. Some pesticides are only effective against certain kinds of pests or even certain life stages. It’s important to understand that you may need more than one application of a pesticide to get control of the situation. A good idea is to alternate the pesticide used from one application to the next as some pests develop resistance quickly. Usually a pesticide label will include a list of plants for which the pesticide is recommended, as well as a list of plants that are known to be sensitive to the pesticide. As always, before purchasing and using any pesticide, be sure to read all label directions and precautions and then follow them carefully. Using a gentle insecticidal solution like Ortho® Bug B Gon® ECO Insecticide Ready-to-Use, is an easy way to help prevent recurring infestations. 

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