terrariums: how to make a perfect world

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Why are terrariums so popular? We don’t need to explain when you see the charming miniature, glass-enclosed world for yourself. Or, better yet, when you make your own. They are fun to create and so rewarding, especially when you compare your DIY terrarium to the cost of a store-bought version.

Here’s how to DIY your own plant terrarium, which is big on beauty and small on space. A bookshelf or hanging plant holder will do! 

here’s what you need to get started: 

  • Polished or pretty stones  
  • Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix  
  • Pebbles for drainage 
  • Activated Charcoal 
  • Terrarium-friendly plants like succulents, air plants or miniature cacti 
  • Small gardening tools 
  • Small or medium sized glass vessel 
  • Miniature decorations or trinkets (optional) 

lets gro #plantproject



step one.

Spread a 1 ½“ layer of pebbles on the terrarium’s interior base.  

step two.

Place the activated charcoal on top in a thin layer. 

step three.

Add potting mix (or your mix of choice depending on plant type) ensuring adequate depth for plant roots, approximately 2.5”. Smaller glass containers may require slightly less. 

step four.

Add your plants, beginning with the largest one first. Add your plants, beginning with the largest one first. As a general rule of (green) thumb, prune the roots once you remove them from their container.

step five.

Using your fingertip, make a dent in the soil that is big enough to submerge the plant roots. 

step six.

Gently nestle the small plant in the soil. We suggest starting from the back of the terrarium then making your way to the front. Feel free to experiment with spacing, as you are the one who decides what is most visually attractive. 

step seven.

If you’ve chosen to add some ‘pizzazz’ with additional miniature decorations, now you can (yes, you can even find tiny garden gnomes for your glass-enclosed garden). 

taking care of your terrarium:

Now that it’s done, all that’s needed is simple upkeep. Find a place to show it off, a spot that has ample indirect sunlight and make sure to dampen the soil every two weeks or when it appears to need moistened. 



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