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Looking to turn your home into relaxing green space, well let’s set you in the right direction. We have the easy to grow stars of the plant world here. These plants can generally withstand erratic watering, uneven or bad light, and fluctuating temperatures. How’s that for easy going. Here’s our comprehensive list of the best starter house plants.  


golden pothos

grows aggressively from pots or trailing baskets with minimal care. They even can root in a glass of water. With better care, large, mottled, mature leaves can develop. 


spider plant 

This is a top choice for hanging baskets because of it’s arching leaves. The variegated variety is by far the most common. Over time, a mature plant sends out plantlets or offsets on long stems that form an impressive hanging display. These plantlets can be easily repotted to create new baby plants. Spider plants are not fussy about water, light, or temperature. 


snake plant

Hands down one of the most chill plants out there. They like plenty of light, but can do with quite little, and they’re not too particular about watering eitheras long as it is not too much. When it’s time to re pot, the main clump can be easily divided. These plants are striking graphic additions to any collection. The snake plant features green on green bands on sword-like leaves, while the mother-in-law’s tongue has yellow leaf margins 


draceana plants

Easy plants that tolerate a wide variety of conditions. These plants feature arching leaves from a woody stem. Dracaena leaves can be green, yellow and green, or even tri-colored. They are also a member of the agave family, they like regular watering in the summer and almost left dry throughout the winter. D. fragrans is often used to make the popular Ti Plants or false palms. 


lucky bamboo 

Pots of these thrive in downright awful conditions. Sporadic watering, bad lighting and poor air quality don’t even cause a blip to bamboo. These make wonderful gift plants, and many people believe they bring good luck and enhance the chi or energy of their surroundings.  


succulents and cacti

Succulents are desert plants with thick, fleshy leaves; some of them have spines and some none. Agave, aloe and echeveria rosettes are some of the most popular. Most cacti have spines and interesting leaf structures, including barrels, paddles, and columns. As a class, succulents and cacti are slow-growing and will withstand tremendous abuse. They do best with bright light, well-drained pots, and little water. In the right placement, these are plants that truly thrive on neglect. 

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