crispy & brown – great for bacon, bad for leaves

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There you are bringing home a new plant, you’re full of hope and promise. You feed and nurture it but after a while you notice the leaves are turning brown and crispy. Let’s look at a few reasons this could be happening to your plant baby.   


under watering

If the leaf tips are turning brown and crunchy, you may have not been watering your plant enough and waited too long in between waterings. This can also cause the leaves to drop off. You may not be underwatering all the time, even one bout of underwatering can cause browning. The brown leaf tips won’t turn green again but trimming the brown edges can get the plant back to looking healthy enough for a selfie. Yes, we take plant selfies.



When you see brown patches all over the leaves, you could be overwatering. Typically if the plant is overwatered you’ll also see some yellowing on the leaves.


spf for your plants

If you see brown spots in the centre of the leaves, it could be caused by too much direct sunlight. Some plants are sensitive to direct sunlight and can burn easily. A cool pair of sunglasses won’t be of any help. Try moving your plant to a spot where it will be out of the direct rays and heat of the sun. Trust us it will thank you later.


Your plant’s leaves can curl or turn brown if you move your plants abruptly from inside to outside during the summer without acclimating them to the direct sunlight. Let them dip their toes in partial sun first for a few days.

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