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There are so many great reasons for growing houseplants, but deciding exactly where to put them can get tricky and sometimes even confusing.  

sun lovers

Sunlight is the number one requirement for indoor plants. All plants need light, but the amount varies substantially. Although some plants, including certain types of cactus and succulents, need bright sunlight, most prefer more moderate, less intense light.  Bright, indirect light, such as from an east-facing window, is good for many plants. If your windows face west or south, you may need to move the plants away from the window or soften the intensity with sheer drapes or a light curtain. Now get out your compass and find that east facing window

the low lighters

Pothos, Maidenhair Fern, Snake Plants, Prayer Plants and Lucky Bamboo do well in low light conditions. 

Here are a few tips on where to put your plants: Spreading plants around the perimeter and away from the center of the room can make the space appear larger. For instance, place plants on shelves, window sills, or in corners.  Hanging plants are back, but it’s essential to find the best spot. Avoid hanging a plant where guests can bump their heads. Be sure the plant is safely anchored, preferably not above a walkway or chair. 


Remember that you’ll need to water the plant, so consider how the pot drains. Look at surfaces and architecture around your home in creative ways. If you have space, set plants on the rungs of an old wooden ladder or on top of a cupboard. People often forget that heat rises so plants in high spots may require more water.  If plants are at eye level, cover the potting mix with decorative stones or pebbles. Don’t forget plants in the bathrooms. Succulents won’t be happy with all that steamy air, but, philodendron, spider plant, pothos, and most ferns, will thrive in the warmth and humidity.


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