calling all plant lovers: why swapping is a growing trend

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Prefer not to spend a ton of green on greenery? Plant swaps are your answer. 

The world of plant swapping is blossoming in many ways, thanks to the trading of roots and shoots between savvy plant-lovers. As no money is exchanged, only leaves, this phenomenon attracts many looking for some free and fun plant action. As a plant trader, although you won’t be on the busy floor of a stock exchange floor, but you will help your household economy. Plant trading also provides abundant opportunity to connect with other like-minded plant lovers. You can learn new tips and tricks while sharing your own planting advice with a newfound community of plant-heads. 

So, how does a budding plant swapper begin? Facebook Marketplace and Groups are a great place to start, along with your local Kijiji marketplace. Here are our top tips. 

Top 7 Tips for Plant Swapping


Decide what plants you can offer for trade

If you can propagate plants, even better – those who do are plant-swapping MVPs. Had your chlorophyll of one plant and are ready to trade it in? Or maybe there’s a houseplant playing hard-to-get that you covet, that someone else might have.


Don’t limit yourself to houseplants

Outdoor plants are fair trading game, too! In fact, plenty of people are willing to come get their hands dirty and pull a plant from your garden that you don’t want to deal with. You dig?


Offer other garden-related trades 

Tripping over extra bags of soil you don’t need? Perhaps a planter that you’re tired of and wish to move on from. From plastic nursing pots to gardening tools, this is a great way to offload items you’ve been hanging onto. The (gardening) gloves are off! 


Inspect your plants first 

There’s no rulebook for plant swapping but if there was, number one would be to ensure your plants are healthy and pest free. Blights, bacteria and the like can spread to other plants quickly, so do the right thing. You don’t want to be responsible for the deforestation of someone’s cherished mini rainforest. 


Partner up 

Don’t have a plant swap crew yet, no problem. With a quick search you can find designated plant trading partners. Search #plantswap on Instagram, Facebook or Reddit. Or leaf through your favourite online marketplace forum.  


Arrange in advance 

If you do find a plant swapping event or opportunity, be sure you arrange the trade in advance. We have heard of people showing up to events only to be disappointed that the greenery they wanted is gone. 


Create your own plant swap 

Spearhead a swap yourself by telling all your fellow plant-heads what you wish to do and the basic approach. You can even reach out to local plant shops to ask them to post information to their social media pages. 

Good luck on your quest for growing your plant family! 


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