indoor jungles: put the instagram trend in your home

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Are you a lover of luscious greenery? You are not alone, considering the indoor jungle garden trend is sprawling over social media. Interior designers are also splashing green in rooms, and we don’t just mean paint.  

Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, plants are proven to help our health, from air purification, lowering stress levels, and overall wellness.

Here are our expert tips to transform your home into an indoor jungle that will make Tarzan and Jane green with envy. 

let there be light

Look at what type of natural light you have coming in through your windows. Indirect sunlight generally works best. Be realistic about choosing the types of plants that will thrive in whatever light conditions you have.  

group your greens

By grouping your plants together, especially ones of varying size, you will create eye-pleasing depth. Have fun experimenting with different heights and put them into tableaux on windowsills, shelves, tables and plant stands. Social media has really given rise to suspended hanging planters as well, a beautiful way to add interest and depth. 

make a shelfie

If video conferencing has taught us anything, it is the importance of beautiful backgrounds, and real-life is always nicer than virtual backgrounds. Group plants on your shelves, both trailing vines and small shelf-sitters for visual appeal. Install shelving if you don’t have it already, and populate them with plants that grow vertically as well as spread out horizontally. 

statement pieces 

As most interior designers will agree, nothing makes a statement like a large and dramatic tropical plant. Add one to a large pot and place in a corner of the room to add lushness and life. Photogenic and fast-growing ones include palms, birds of paradise or monstera. 


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