best plants for intermediate growers

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are you ready to level up from your beginner friendly plant collection?

We love our beginner friendly plants, but now that you have nurtured that green thumb, it’s time to test your skills with a few plants that require some know-how to thrive. Enhance your plant collection with these unique and beautiful plant pals.



the pickle plant

is a succulent that has unique, spiny-looking leaves that are covered in little white hairs. These plants require a lot of light in order to grow -think bright and indirect light for your pickle plant. Pickle plants are an unusual succulent, so you may not see them in the typical plant collection. They can also flower in the summer, showing a bright red bloom at the top of each stem.


string of pearls

is a succulent that produces long trails with delicate green pearls. Sometimes these succulents can also bloom little white flowers. The key to success with a string of pearls plant is the right balance of sun and water. Place your string of pearls where it can receive plenty of sun , like near a east-facing window. For watering, try the weight test. Pick up your plant and if it feels light and airy, it is time for a thorough watering.


fishbone cactus

Also known as the “ric rac cactus.” These plants bloom at night and have a distinct zig-zag pattern that looks like a fish skeleton. If the conditions are just right, you can get this cactus to bloom, but only after about three years. The fishbone cactus needs a couple of hours of direct sunlight, and lots of bright indirect sunlight as well. Be sure to mist your cactus to help it grow, and keep the soil a little moist, especially during the spring and summer months.


maiden hair fern

these plants are known for two things: their delicate foliage and their quick deaths inside. These ferns need a few hours of direct sunlight per day. Think morning or early afternoon light. With most ferns, it is common to keep them wet for a lot of the time but for maiden hair ferns let the soil dry out a little between waterings.


goldfish plant

is known for their dark green leaves and bright orange flowers that look like little goldfish. These plants like warm and humid environments. Light is a major contributing factor to their growth. Too much sun and their leaves will get sunburnt and wilt. Too little sun will cause your plant to get leggy and it will not be able to bloom. To get your goldfish blooms to flourish, water slightly less in the winter and fertilize in the growing season



potted orchids are always a fan favourite with their delicate, vibrant blooms and intoxicating fragrance. While orchids may be a welcomed decoration for your home, they can be challenging to help thrive and re-bloom. Consider keeping your orchids in a terracotta pot with a drainage hole. This will allow for good airflow for your roots. Keep your orchid in bright, indirect light (from an eastern or southern window). This should provide your orchid with enough light to bloom.

Which of these plants are you adding to your collection? We are adding new favourites to our Plant Tags all the time. Want to learn about a specific plant? Let us know in the Plant Chat!

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