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Love houseplants but worried your indoor space is too dark? Never fear, there are plenty of low light plants that will green up even the gloomiest room.

Houseplants bring colour and life into a home – and this is especially valuable in darker rooms, such as those that face north or have small windows. But how do you find plants that will thrive in lower light levels? Luckily many popular houseplants originate in shady forest floors and can take shade in their stride. Here’s a selection of unique plants for darker spots in your home.

Low Light Plant Schefflera Arboricola


schefflera arboricola

Sometimes called dwarf umbrella trees, Schefflera arboricolas thrive in low to medium light environments. They’ll also grow under artificial lights if they’re kept within about one foot of the light. If your Schefflera becomes leggy or grows slowly, it probably needs a brighter location.

Low Light Plant Peace Lily


peace lily

Peace Lily is a popular flowering plant that blooms several times a year, even when it’s grown in low light conditions.It can also grow in medium light conditions, but if you have low light you don’t need to worry about growth being inhibited.



cast iron plant (aspidistra eliator)

This plant can survive lots of neglect and growing conditions that will kill many other plants, such as low light conditions. For a gardener with a brown thumb, this sturdy, long-lasting plant can be used in areas where all else fails. It is always green and can handle deep shade.

Low Light Plants Rhipsalis Cactus


rhipsalis cactus

Rhipsalis is a type of cactus that hails from shady rainforests and makes a tough houseplant that can tolerate a fair degree of shade. Most varieties are spineless too, making them one of the least cactus-like cacti out there. Grow it in a hanging pot to best appreciate its delicate, pendent form.


Low Light Plants Lucky Bamboo


lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a unique looking plant that doesn’t require much maintenance in order to grow and thrive. It grows very well in medium and low light and, in case you don’t feel like setting up a pot or planter, it doesn’t require anything more than water to grow.

lucky bamboo


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