indoor greenhouse: mini size. mega looks.

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The beauty and practicality of greenhouses don’t have to be relegated to the great outdoors. This a rewarding plant project that keeps on giving. 

here’s what you need to get started: 

  • a glass cabinet
  • a grow light
  • portable humidifier
  • small fan
  • heating mats (optional)
  • pegboard (optional)
  • decorations

lets gro #plantproject



get a glass cabinet

Search your local antiques shop or home décor or furniture store for a glass cabinet that speaks to you. 

install a grow light 

After assembling (if required) your glass cabinet that will soon become a greenhouse, it’s time to add grow lights. If you plan to put your greenhouse in a darker or shaded area of your home, grow lighting is especially important. A home improvement store will have varying styles, we recommend those with adhesive strips for ease of installation. 

control air quality

Greenhouses are excellent for tropical plants that need humid conditions. Add a portable humidifier or water tray inside your greenhouse. To circulate the air, you may wish to include a small fan. Greenhouses are also useful for plants that do not require humidity. 

get creative

The last step of building your own indoor greenhouse is up to you, as it is customizing it to make it your own. Shelving, rugs or heating mats, pegboard or particle boards, small garden gnomes – whatever useful or aesthetic ideas you have, now you can add them to your indoor greenhouse and enjoy the fruits (and flowers) of your labour! 



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