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Babies don’t come with instructions but plant babies do. Even with instructions, you may still have some questions on doing right by your plant. We’ve got you covered with some basic houseplant do’s and don’ts.    


let your plant get used to its space and quarantine. When you introduce your new plant to its new home, it will need time to get acclimated. Another good rule of thumb is to keep your new plant well away from other houseplants for at least 2 weeks. This gives you time to inspect your new baby for bugs or diseases 


keep it on a schedule. Plants love structure. Watering and feeding your plant on a schedule helps to keep it happy and healthy. Most plants like to stay moderately hydrated and well fed. Take a look at our plant tags to find more information about your plant and its needs.


repot when the time is right! A good rule of thumb is to repot once the plant has reached 2-3 times the size of their pot. Another good indicator is if it appears to be growing slower than it should. A new size pot let’s your plant spread it’s wings (if it’s a Caladium it really does have wings) 


repot too soon. Slow your roll! Repotting a plant suddenly can cause browning leaves or wilting. Give your new buddy time to get used to its new home before repotting. You may not need to for quite some time! 


let it get root bound. Roots that push through drainage holes can push the plant out of its pot. This is a pretty big hint that your plant needs more room. It’s time to let it stretch its legs.


let it dry out too much. Your little plant baby will thrive in high quality potting mix, Miracle-Gro® Indoor Potting Mix but potting mix dries out faster than normal soil. So check for dryness with a quick finger dip to test the mix. If it’s dry, you know what to do


Plants love a fresh dose of potting mix, so re-pot every year right before the warm-weather growing season.

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