5 tips for garden maintenance 

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are you looking for some gardening tips to keep your garden in top shape?

Whether it’s a small container garden, flowerbed, or larger outdoor landscaping project, these five tips will help you keep your green space healthy and beautiful. 


invest in quality soil and plant food

To ensure a healthy garden, it’s important to invest in high-quality soil and plant foods. First thing’s first, for happy plants, consider using a soil with lots of nutrients to help your plants grow big and strong. An all-purpose soil like Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Garden Soil is an excellent option.


monitor moisture levels

Healthy plants require moisture, but it’s important to avoid both overwatering and under-watering. To find the right balance, it is important to regularly check the moisture level of your soil. You can use a moisture meter or the finger test (insert a finger into the soil to feel how wet it is) and adjust accordingly by watering or adding mulch if necessary.


keep an eye out for weeds

Weeds can harm your plants and take essential nutrients needed for growth. Take routine strolls around your garden to keep an eye out for growing weeds. If you’re finding that pulling the weeds out isn’t enough, you can Simply apply about an 8cm / 3-inch blanket of mulch like Scotts® Nature Scapes® Mulch around your veggie planter or garden.


plant with the future in mind

Thinking ahead about how your plants will grow over time can help you to better plan your garden design. Try to think about what size plants may become in a few years and be sure to leave enough room around them so they can flourish without being overcrowded or impeded by other plants or structures.


enjoy yourself

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while gardening! Try to look forward to the experience as something enjoyable. Also, remember to take breaks from the demanding work of tending to your garden and take pleasure in the beauty of nature that you have created.

While gardening is enjoyable, it does require regular maintenance. Following these tips can help you to create and maintain a beautiful garden that will last for years to come! 


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