holiday gift guide

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T’is the season for gift giving and merriment!

If you’ve got some plant lovers on your list, we’ve got you covered. From handmade to store-bought, this list has gifts for plant parents of all skill levels that will knock their ‘stalks’ off.

Let’s get gifting! 


Aerogarden. For the table-top gardener. Aerogarden offers a variety of sizes that suit every veggie lover’s needs.


Aerogarden Herb Seed Pods. Give the gift that literally keeps giving. Aerogarden herb seed pods make growing herbs a snap.


Watering straws. All the rage for the plant parents with needy plants. If you don’t want to shell out for a store-bought model? Try making one of your own.


Hand painted planters. Plant lovers always need more pots. Try your hand at decorating customized pots for the plant parent in your life.


Props of your fave plants. From one plant lover to another, sharing propagations can be meaningful and a long lasting, thoughtful gift.


Plant food. All plant parents know they must feed their plants. Whether it’s a water soluble or liquid variety, plant lovers will be appreciative of being able to prevent hangry housemates. Bonus points because this gift is perfect for plant lovers of all skill levels.


Customized birth month flower pot. Whether it’s an arrangement or customized flowerpot, this is a sure-fire win for your astrology obsessed plant parents.


Hand made wreath of evergreens from your home. DIY a gorgeous boho-inspired wreath using green materials from your own backyard and garden.


Mushroom growing kit. Mushrooms are on trend right now. Mushroom growing kits are a great gift for the DIY plant obsessed.

We love these holiday gifts that seamlessly compliments the plant lover of your network. We hope these gifts inspire a green thumb and holiday cheer!



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