traditional vs organic gardening

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Organic food isn’t just trendy, it’s good for you! Whether you’re just starting your journey into organic gardening, or you’re looking for a bit more information to get the most out of your organic garden – we’ve got your back!  

first thing’s first!

Let’s get clear on what organic gardening is, and how it’s different from traditional gardening. It all comes down to one factor: Traditional gardening puts a focus growing strong plants, Organic gardening focuses on building the best environment for your plants in the most natural way possible (obvi).  

our herb and veggies need nutrient rich soil to thrive

Soil is also a favourite place for fungus, bacteria and small insects. These little dudes break down the organic matter in soil, which is why many traditional gardeners turn to supplementary products to enrich their earth. Organic enthusiasts can do this easily by using compost. If you’re new to compost, we have a pretty comprehensive guide. Low on space? No problem. If you don’t have the room to start your own compost pile, you can just use Miracle-Gro® Organics Garden Mix for Vegetables and Herbs, and mix it into your garden’s soil. 

let’s get those organic beauties fed!

When you’re focused on organic gardening you’re typical, run of the mill fertilizers may have some hidden chemicals. Instead of just focusing on providing food for plants, organic fertilizer feeds the soil as well, so little microbes can work in your garden’s favour and create nutrients for your plants.  

time to rotate!

Instead of row on row on row of the same plants, organic gardens tend to practice crop rotation. Some plants do well when planted with other specific veggies. This type of companion planting will provide your plants with food and shelter to pollinators needed for a good harvest, and the “good” insects that will unwanted pests away.  


So – are you ready to get organic? Let’s get planting! If you have any questions or helpful tips & tricks, share with our community in Plant Chat!

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