benefits of organic gardening

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Organic gardening….IYKYK!

But in case you missed it, we have 7 (not so) surprising benefits of organic gardening!  


you’ll know exactly what’s in your food!

Growing your own organic food allows you have first-hand knowledge of what’s going into your food. Say goodbye to worrying about pesticides and other chemicals that might make its way into your produce.  


super fresh produce!

Your fruits and veggies are literally garden to table. Your harvest is just a few steps away from your kitchen, so you won’t have to worry about losing freshness or nutrition.  


you’re building a safe space for helpful buddies!

Backyard gardens are a way to build an ecosystem of birds, bees, and even bats. These little buddies benefit the whole garden environment, replenish nutrients in the soil and even can help with soil erosion.  


more money in your pocket!

Organic fruits and vegetables can be expensive at the supermarket. It may cost a little to get started with organic gardening, but then you’ll bet getting your organic heirloom tomatoes straight from your backyard! 


the mind, body, garden connection.

Digging in the earth, caring for your little veggie garden, and munching on your home-grown fruits and veg. What could be better? It’s proven that time outside, moving your body and accomplishing a goal is good for you.  


variety is the spice of life!

Not only can you grow your fave fruit or vegetables that might be hard to find in the supermarket, but you can grow your own herbs and spics too!  


bragging rights!

Your friends and family will be so jealous of your home-grown harvest. Want to share your organic beauties? Connect with our community in the Plant Chat and brag all about your home-grown organics!


getting a soil test is easy, and can help you understand what you’re working with in terms of acidity, pH levels and texture.

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