lemon & garlic kale salad

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Looking for a delicious salad to bring to your next potluck or picnic?

This Lemon & Garlic Kale Salad is perfect for the occasion! It takes full advantage of seasonal ingredients from your garden, combining the zesty flavours of lemon and garlic. The best part? It’s super quick and easy to make! 

here is what you need to get started:

Ingredients from the store:

Olive oil

Grated parmesan cheese

Salted pistachios

Salt & pepper

Juice of one lemon

Ingredients from your garden:

1 large head of kale

1 clove of garlic

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step 1

Thoroughly rinse kale and pat dry. Chop or tear kale into bite sized pieces.

step 2

In a large bowl combine kale, lemon juice and olive oil. Next, add minced garlic. 

step 3

Massage the kale until it’s a vibrant green colour and it becomes soft and flexible. 

step 4

Top salad with salted pistachios and grated parmesan.


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