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We all know gardening is a good habit, but organic gardening is a great habit. Add compost to that mix and we’re building excellent habits that benefit your home, garden and the environment. If you’re thinking about composting for the first time, or want to up your compost game, check out our definitive guide on what and what not to compost. 


A lot of our household waste is fair game for your compost pile. You can include food scraps, coffee grounds, napkins, even paper shopping bags. Try to keep a good ration of green material, like food waste, and brown material, like dead leaves from your garden. This will make a rich fertilizer for your garden and pays off in the long run.  


Want a safe and successful compost pile? Refrain from tossing in anything plastic, like bottles or bottle caps. Besides the obvious, try to refrain from adding any animal products (meat, fish, chicken or dairy). At first glance, these look like great additions to a compost pile, but can actually foster bacteria and attract pests. Adding things like charcoal ash can be harmful to your garden too.  


If your compost seems really dry, you can add some water to help it break down faster.

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