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What better way to be welcomed home than with a plant-filled entranceway? Not only do greens create peace and serenity, they personalize your patio or porch entryway as a segue into your home. 

In fact, more interior designers are paying attention to porches, extending the design of the home past the interior walls. Even rugs and tsoshkes are being brough out as design elements to porches.  

how do you achieve this on-trend patio look? Here are 5 insider tips to get you started. 


If your porch is warm enough, feel free to move your favourite houseplants to your entrance way. Summer months are a great way for you to showcase indoor plants and even cacti can make a cameo appearance while the hot weather lasts. 


Since porches are typically in the shade, ferns and similar full shade plants do well in less sunlit areas. Hostas and boxwood bushes are also lively choices. 


Creeping plants and smaller flowers look lovely in hanging planters, and they also add interest and layers for a smaller porch space. If it is possible to hang planters from porch walls, try that as well. 


For your patio outside the porch, there is rife opportunity to landscape, whether it is a small space or sweeping garden. 


Not only are you creating visual appeal, you want to please all the senses when you first enter your home. Porch and outdoor patio-friendly fragrant florals are a wonderful way to trigger our olfactory senses and memory. From a childhood flower to fresh herb that are evocative of pleasant memories, you can enjoy a welcoming and comforting aroma as soon as you come home. 

With some online research, leafing through home and garden magazines or visiting your local garden shop, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to make your patio pop with life. Whatever you choose, it’s great to have an entranceway that’s deserving of two green thumbs-up. 


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