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wanna automate your garden watering routine?

(spoiler: yeah you do!) This is a great way to make sure your plants are getting enough water while saving yourself time to enjoy all the fun activities summer has to offer.

here is what you will need to get started.

drip irrigation system set


sharp scissors or shears

water barrel

let’s gro #plantproject

step one

Choose a drip irrigation system that’s right for you and your garden. Some systems connect to a hose and water at intervals set on a timer, and others are automated solar systems that pull water from a rain barrel.

For the watering mechanism itself, you can get a system with little openings that will deliver droplets of water exactly where you want, or a system with a permeable hose that will slowly leak water along the whole length of the hose. The one we used is a solar-powered mix of the permeable hose and water droplet systems.

step two

Prep the rain barrel. For our system, we drilled two holes in the barrel to insert the water intake tube and water level sensors.

step three

Run the water supply lines to each garden bed. Use sharp scissors or shears to cut lengths of tube so that the water will drip where you want it or so that the permeable tube will fit the lengths of your garden bed.

step four

Turn the on the system to test to see if it works. If there are leaky connections, you may need to adjust.

step five

Keep an eye on your garden over the next few days. Is the soil soggy? The system may be overwatering. Wilty plants and dry soil? Could be underwatering. Adjust until your plants seem happy with the setup.



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root division


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