how to create a raised vegetable garden bed in 5 easy steps

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Does the idea of a DIY wood garden bed make your knees buckle? Follow our 5 easy steps and you’ll be building your own 4X4 garden bed (and your neighbours will be admiring it.) 

materials to build a garden bed: 

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step one. buy the wood and soil

Head to your favourite home improvement store, get two 8-foot-long 2×12 boards and ask them to cut them in halves. The best type of wood is something rot-resistant like pressure-treated lumber, white oak, or cedar. You’ll also need to get four packages of 2X2 wooden stakes. While you are there, grab your deck screws and Miracle-Gro® soil and plant food as well. 

step two. assess your garden

Find an area of your yard that is level, exposed to sunshine and is near a water source. If you have chosen a grassy area, mow it short first before adding your new garden bed. 

step three. get frame

To build the raised garden bed frames, place the boards in a square on their edges. To avoid the wood splitting apart, drill holes in each corner and fasten the boards together with four screws.

step four. make your bed

Put the landscape fabric over the spot you chose for your garden bed, extending it beyond the frame to help protect the wood. Set down the bed frame. Through the fabric, hammer one 2X2 stake into the ground on the inside of the frame to fortify the corners. Next, cover the fabric with the cardboard or a few layers of newspaper. This will help prevent weeds from growing through. Now it is time to fill the square box with soil, using a rake to level it.

step five. planting time

Plant the seeds of your favourite plants, or if you are keen to get growing, plant sprouted vegetable and herb plants. Nourish your plants to reap a good harvest using your Miracle-Gro® Organics Plant Food Granules for Vegetables and Herbs coupled with the garden soil, these products will harvest three times more over the growing season. 

Congrats, it was easier than you expected, right? Perhaps it won’t be just plants but your collection of garden beds will grow, too. 



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