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Say goodbye to dried herbs and swap them for their fresh counterparts. More flavourful and healthy, you can even enjoy fresh herbs in winter by growing them indoors. We show you how. 

quality soil produces quality herbs

Just as we require fresh food for optimal health (but you already knew that, since you’re here to grow your own fresh herbs!) plants require quality soil.Call us biased but the best results come from using Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix, designed for proper nutrient absorption and drainage. 

lets gro #plantproject

sunny side up

Put it this way, the more sunshine your herb babies get, the more they’ll grow up healthy and abundant. Choose a south-facing window to place your indoor herb garden, avoiding a north-facing windowsill, although east- or west-facing windows are alright, too. 

seedy side of the sill 

Just as sunlight makes a world of difference, so do the seeds you choose. Small containers work best with denser, smaller seeds. Using a seed starting mix like Miracle-Gro® Seed Starting Potting Mix, sprinkle your herb seeds over the soil and cover not too tightly, or plant your herb seeds an inch or so deep. 

talkin’ ‘bout my germination

After you plant the seeds, cover the container with a loose-fitting item like a plastic bag or dome-shaped vessel. Place them in a warm damp spot away from direct sunlight which will allow the seeds to germinate. Once they do, you can remove them and place them in a sunnier spot. 

TLC for transplanted herb plants

Your herb babies can undergo shock from dramatic light changes, so adjust them slowly. This means it’s best not to take them directly from a sunny area to a dim one. Allow them to acclimatize by gradually exposing them to lower light conditions. For example, start them in a spot that receives indirect sunlight for two weeks, then to a shadier area for another week or two, until finally moving them to their new indoor home. 

water, but not too much

Your potting mix should dry a bit before the next watering. The best way to check is simply sticking your index finger into the soil and if it’s dry, gently water. Liberal waterings can be a recipe for disaster so avoid over-watering your herbs. A good method is to see water coming out of the bottom of the container but not flooding. Check out the Miracle-Gro®’s line of herb feeding products for a healthy herb harvest.

keeping herbs happy 

Like most plants, regular pruning of your herbs enables them to stay compact and grow new leaves and shoots. Herbs are easy to prune since you are likely gently pulling them to add to your cooking or salads. Pruning can even extend your herbs’ growth periods. Flowers might look pretty but they affect flavour and tenderness of the herbs, so be sure to prune them below the bud immediately. 



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