craft your own seed bombs for a blooming gift

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These delightful DIY flower-shaped seed bombs are an ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

Show your appreciation for MOM by using your imagination and customize with your favourite shapes or colours! 

Here’s what you’ll need to get started and create these plantable treasures:


  • Blender  


  • 1 packet of your chosen seeds  
  • 1 sheet of your favourite coloured paper  
  • 1 silicone mould in the form of flowers or any design you fancy  


lets gro #plantproject

step 1.

Begin your project by tearing the coloured paper into confetti-sized pieces.  

step 2.

Submerge the shredded paper in water in a bowl. Allow it to soak for up to 20 minutes.  

step 3.

    After soaking, remove the paper from the water and transfer it into the blender. Blend it until you achieve a fine, wet pulp consistency.  

    step 4.

    Squeeze out any extra moisture from the paper so it’s not dripping wet.  

    step 5.

    Press the paper halfway into your mould 

    step 6.

    Delicately sprinkle the seeds on the paper, then cover them with another layer, filling the mould to the brim.  

    step 7.

    Patience is a virtue as you wait for the seed bombs to dry in the mould. This will take approximately 2 to 3 days.  

    step 8

    Once fully dry, remove your seed bombs from the mould with care.  

    Voilà! Now you have a handful of flower-shaped seed bombs, ready to sprout into life or as a heartwarming present for Mom. The perfect gift, with love and growth wrapped into one.  

    Share your seed bombs using #PlantProject or tag us @plantprojectcanada and join our community. 



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