air gardens: no soil, no problem

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If you haven’t got on board with the air garden trend, it’s time for you to turn a new leaf. Easy to care for and uniquely beautiful, air plants are a way to brighten your home with green, no soil required. 

about air plants

Air plants usually grow on other plants, creating intriguing patterns and visual interest. They look wonderful on their own or grouped together! We love seeing them displayed in things like terrariums, wall planters, and driftwood.  

flowering air plants?

Their rosette style of growth, meaning new growth stems from the middle of the plant, make these plants fascinating to watch grow and even flower. 

caring for your air plants

As easy as air gardens are to care for, your air plants require the right amount of light and room temperature. Bright, indirect sunlight is best. Since they originate from warmer clients, your air plant babies like a cozy home, so keep the thermostat at least 8 ℃ (46℉) so they don’t get cold. Unlike other houseplants, air plants do not have roots. This means you should soak them at least one a week in a jar for about 30 minutes, then turn upside down gently to drain. 

all set!

They can be placed in terrariums or attached to anything from magnets to driftwood for creating your own interesting displays—just use a bit of hot glue or translucent fishing line to create a floating look! 



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